Christ Church.

Christ Church, Christchurch Avenue, Teddington TW11 9AA

Reformed ~ Protestant ~ Congregational

Christ Church Teddington




Sundays, 11am and 6.30pm - dignified worship with an open Bible

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A very warm welcome to the Christ Church website. 

Whether you are just visiting our site,

or are thinking of visiting us, 

we hope that you will find it helpful.

Our aim at Christ Church is to preach the Bible clearly, thoughtfully and relevantly, 

thereby helping everyone to know God through Christ Jesus

and helping them to live for Him in the 21st century 

(some sermons have been added on another page).


You will find us in Christ Church Meeting Hall, which is accessed from Christchurch Avenue. 

This building has been beautifully refurbished.

Christ Church is an independent congregation associated with 

'The Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches'. 

The railway station and several bus routes in Teddington are very close to where we meet.

A direct line from Waterloo passes through Teddington, 

along with bus numbers 281, 285, 33, X26 & the R68.


People in our congregation live in Teddington, Fulwell, the Hamptons, Sunbury and Surbiton.

Sundays are the heart of our week, with our two services at 11.00 and 6.30 

Both convinced Christians and those who are just wanting to find out more attend our services. 

Please, feel free to explore our web site. We hope it informs you. 

If you have any other queries please contact us. 

Best of all, come and see us!

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Sunday's Services

Lord's Day (Sunday) services are the heart and the core of the congregation's activities.Our regular services take place at 11am and 6.30pm on a Lord's Day.
In the services we worship the Lord,  the needs of the church and the world are prayed for, and we sing praises to our God. Services are not all the same but they are normally liturgical, and the key part of every service is the preaching of Scripture.
Christ Church has changed the way it worships, but we still remain faithful to following a clearly laid out liturgy. The services are now in modern English, which is used so that those attending can understand clearly what they are taking part in, and the structure of the services is the structure of the Book of Common Prayer. 
The music that we use takes from the best of both modern and ancient hymn writing. We base our choice of hymns not on 'a good tune' but on whether or not the author has made a passable attempt to demonstrate correct Biblical teaching. Therefore, in any given service the music used can range from the 'greats' of yesteryear such as Wesley & Cowper through to those writing today, such as Dudley-Smith, Kendrick & Townend.

However, at the heart of all our services is a Scriptural sermon. This may given in different styles (at the Family Worship Service for instance) but always seeks to open up the truths of Scripture so that those present may not only learn more of what the Bible really teaches, but also how to live their lives in a way that they give greater Glory to God. We use the ESV Bible in order to balance accuracy with approachability of language.
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Some background to our congregation.


CHRIST CHURCH was founded in 1864 as an Evangelical, Protestant & Reformed congregation. It came into being because of the move of the local Church of England congregation away from the historic 'low-church' & Protestant position of the CofE. As a result a number of Christians in Teddington who were unhappy with the move away from what God's Word teaches founded an independent congregation where they could remain sincere in their style of worship, and would still be able to be a Bible Believing congregation - worshipping without the unbiblical ritual brought in by the Anglo-Catholic movement in the CofE. It was also intended to be congregational in nature - organising and running its own affairs.

The CofE congregations in Teddington are far from Protestant or Reformed in either practice or theology. Christ Church remains unique in the area by continuing as a truly Protestant and Biblical congregation.

When it was founded the congregation were clear about the need to adhere to the Doctrines of Grace, the need to oppose false and unbiblical teaching & the need for true Christians to regard Scripture as the 'sole source of faith and practice'.

Under the foundation stone of the current building (the 2nd) is a statement written on vellum saying the following:

" was erected ...chiefly for the use of those, who whilst attached to the Protestant Church of England, strongly disapproved of the Romanistic doctrines and practices resuscitated by some of her members. Anxiously desiring to retain the pure ministry of the Gospel and the simplicity of the Protestant faith and worship, and also earnestly wishing to promote the intercommunion of all Evangelical churches, they raised this sanctuary ... in prayer and hope that God would accept and bless their work.

To Him alone be all the glory, in Christ Jesus, by the Holy Spirit."

Join us for other events.

Church business meetings are frequently held on Mondays.


On Mondays there are two Bible Study Groups. One for ladies, meets on Monday afternoon, and an older ladies Bible Study meets at various times once a month. 

When we finish our refurbishments we will be holding a Bible Study in the church on some Monday evenings.



'Open Church' has restarted on Wednesday mornings, now we have refurbished our church. An opportunity for tea, coffee, prayer and chat from 10.30am until 12.

At 8pm there is a weekly church prayer group that takes place in the Cyril Woodward Memorial Room in the Church Meeting Hall. This is currently an open group for all who wish to take part. 

Few scheduled events take place on aThursday, partly because it is currently the minister's day off!


Other events. 

We run Christianity Explored courses, and also Discipleship Explored courses - but you will need to contact the minister to find out more details about when the next one might be starting.



Non-church groups.
Some meetings have occasionally taken place, but they are selected groups which do not have contrary views to the Biblical and Portestant doctrine we hold.